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D . P E T E R . J

Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J, born in 1970, is a Portuguese trance/house producer & old-skool DJ, with more than 15 years on production, remixes and live-acts. His influences came from: breakdance, funk, early 80s euro-dance, house, acid, techno and trance. As part of the Portuguese trance band called "The Ozone", he released several of their own themes and remixes of other artists. In the last years he released several trancey house themes of his own and as part of house project "Old Skool Split". He also taught on many dance music MIDI and audio training courses. The idea of him becoming part of a trance label had many years, in 2006 the dream came true with Time2Trance !!! He is one of founders of the Portuguese club/disco tour called Jump4Trance, specialised in spreading uplifting trance around here. His DJing appearances restarted in September 2007, while his new uplifting trance tracks are expected to be released soon.

Nasceu em 1970 e é um DJ-produtor nacional de house e trance, com mais de 15 anos em produção, remixes e live-acts. As suas influências vieram de: breakdance, funk, eurodance dos anos 80, house, acid, techno e trance. Foi membro da banda portuguesa de trance chamada "The Ozone", que editaram vários temas originais bem como várias remixes de temas de outros artistas. Nos últimos anos lançou diferentes temas de sua autoria no estilo trance-house, a solo e também como parte do projecto "Old Skool Split". Deu cursos de formação de MIDI e áudio ligados à dance music. Actualmente tem tocado e produzido principalmente uplifting trance. O seu reaparecimento em público surgiu em Setembro de 2007 e o lançamento de novos temas de sua autoria deverão ocorrer muito em breve. A ideia de se tornar parte de uma editora de trance tinha muitos anos e desde Junho de 2006 passou a ser uma realidade com a Time2Trance, da qual é um dos gerentes. É também um dos mentores do conceito de festas Jump4Trance.


“Rainbow beams” (2006 short & clean mix), CD (Trance Explorer 2006), Time 2 Trance Records (Portugal); 2006
“Sunshine @ 2K” (United tribes mix); CD (United Tribes); UpFront Records (Portugal); 2004
“Sunshine @ 2K” (Dance club mix); CD (Voice of the Underground); UpFront Records @ Dance Club Magazine (Portugal); 2004
“Hmmm...I like it(ya)”; CD (Homeworks from Portugal II); UpFront Records (Portugal); 2003
“Searching mars probe”; CD (Homeworks from Portugal); UpFront Records (Portugal); 2000
“On tr’ouse”; CD (A fine portuguese selection); Paradise Records (Portugal); 1998

Latest appearances as DJ:
Duna Beach (Meia-Praia, Lagos) - 19Aug2012
Oficina das Artes (Cascais) - 03Mar2012
Between Generation (Benavente) - 30Jul2011
OpArt café (Lisboa) - 10Oct2009
Bar Costa In (Costa da Caparica) - 29Aug2009
Queens (Lisboa) - 27Jun2009
Dose Tripla (Montijo) - 24Apr2009
Bar Miragem (Cascais) - 14Mar2009
OpArt café (Lisboa) - 29Nov2008
Hula-Hula beachclub (Costa da Caparica) - 12Sep2008
Dudubar (Carcavelos) - 11Apr2008
Bar Shalouba (Estoril) - 08Mar2008
Dose Tripla (Montijo) - 19Jan2008
Discobar 100 Conversas (Lisboa) - 27Oct2007
Aureus Lounge Club (Benavente) - 29Sep2007

Download below some of his former trance tracks:
(full length at 112kbps mp3 quality) [years: 2002-2004]
D.Peter.J-"Euphoric ride" (6:49)
D.Peter.J-"Feel better" (6:05)
D.Peter.J-"Rainbow beams (original mix)" (7:57)
D.Peter.J-"Rhythm beats inside" (6:44)

All above tracks are copyrighted, for home and private listening only. Any other use or commercial exploitation is therefore proihibited, unless with a written agreement by the artist. Full quality tracks on request.
Todas as faixas acima estão protegidas por direitos de autor, apenas para audição pessoal e em privado. Qualquer outra utilização ou exploração comercial está desde já proibida, excepto no caso de autorização escrita do artista.











SoundLift (Pedro Miguel Martins from Oporto) is a new portuguese talent in the electronic music area, especially connected to Trance music. Through his career his tastes were sensitive to the search of a combination of classic melodies with very rhythmic tracks. The '98 Trance was the main reason to produce his own tracks.
Starting with no help in around 2005, he has been acquiring some knowledge that was proved as essential to the artist's actual creations. This new artist is a strong addict of the "electronic music revolution" in Portugal, where Trance is not strongly affirmed. During his learning process he did not gave up of the finishing part of production, the djing, which allowed SoundLift not only to produce music, but to show them in live sets. To highlight some of his new tracks, "Aranel" was edited by T2T and "Return of the Hero" was acquired by Bonzai Records. SoundLift's objectives are simple: demonstrate his ideas through his tracks, attract a lot of people to listen to his creations, create great atmospheres and give fun to people wherever these tunes are played and always learning with all his new experiences. This artist considers Trance the most enthusiastic way of achieving all of these goals.



Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Leng discovered his interest in dance music in the 1990s after being introduced to some dance numbers by his favourite artists. He was intrigued by the music and became inspired to be a DJ. That got him started to experiment and find out more. This curiosity resulted in him playing his own music and got him started on trance music. He took his first step into the music industry and has not looked back eversince. His songs, "Eccentricity" and "Revelation" are featured in a local compilation CD and played in Zouk KL. His debut, "Revelation" released by Time2Trance marks the beginning of his musical endeavour.



DJ Geri was born in Barcelona on 1979. From a young age he began to show interest in music and dance, listening to the beginnings of MaxMix and the best dance hits of the decade. In 1995, in the middle of the dance movement, this sound machine began to put out the most forceful sounds, mixed with best hard trance of the moment. In 1996 he decided to dedicate himself to this world, when he realized that Barcelona marked the official course for DJs in this genre of music. Later that year he went on to win his first DJ competition in the club Bambola. An accomplishment that only the best of DJs can brag about. His next step was to enter various DJ competitions and he placed among the finalists in the club Scorpia competition. Not content, he decided to enter several more DJ competitions. Among his accomplishments is a vicious 2 set performance in the club X-Perience, which earned him a 3rd place finish. As well as a semi-finalist performance in the Championship at Cataluna. In 2000, he began to record his first maxi-single called "Danger Rave". Later that year be began to work at Club Chasis and continued his evolution as a premier DJ. In 2002, he is resident of Digital Evolution (Reus) that was voted best trance and progressive sound. 2003 was another important year for him; he began to build his own recording studio. In 2004-2005 he studied hard and stayed in his studio where he proceeded to crank out over 20 tracks, his hard work finally began to pay off. At the end of the year he finished 7 tracks for the Italian label Total Wipes. These tracks flew off the shelves at the best stores around the world. In 2006, he continued producing and playing, and edited another EP "Horizonz" with 2 tracks. He began its own radioshow call Trance State, 2 hours monthly in www.afterhours.fm with a very good result while playing Trance, Progressive, Electro, Minimal House sets with best tracks of moment. In 2007 he begins another Trance State in www.trance.es, he is also weekly resident dj in www.radio-onfire.com. In the month of April he also participated in marathon of Spain in the mix playing next to DJs like Chus & Ceballos and Frank T.R.a.x !

DJ Geri


Hjortur Blondal was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. The nature in Iceland is very rough and at the same time it was a huge inspiration to Hjortur. He started playing in a band at the age of 18. And he has played in many, many bands. It was like he did not find what he was looking for. He started the first private recording studio in Iceland, mostly to be able to record his own music. And he released his first. All made by Hjortur – music, lyrics, instruments, recording and production. This process fitted him well. Unfortunately he had to work a lot as a technician and producer to make this all happen. So after a few years he sold everything and became a fisherman. But it was just a question of time until he had to break out of this situation. In the meantime he moved to Denmark and started his own studio, now with much more time for his own ideas and creativity. One day he got a phone-call from Polydor Denmark. They wanted to release a single – and they did. But nothing big happened. And once again Hjortur had to fight for his ideas. It took long time. The good thing was that at this time Hjortur found his own sound and a very special way of expressing himself, and without genre limits. He just makes it the way he wants it to sound! In 2000 he released his first album "Humanize". This was like opening a cage and letting the bird out. Since then he has released albums, singles, made videos like a mad man. It’s like nothing can stop him. And nothing can!


X - T E N C E

X-Tence was born in the begin of 2006 by the will of trance producers Digital Art (from Netherlands), DJ R0 (Italy) and endorsed by the experimental producer Miniman (Italy). They kicked off their first remix for the american label Kult "Amuka - I Want More" (promo that reached the #1 at the National Dance Billboard). Their remix was selected for a compilation named "Thrive Mix 03" by Thrive Dance, a dance label from USA. Thrive Mix 03, mixed by the MTV DJ Skribble and Vic Latino is featuring very well known artists such Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Fat Boy Slim, Cascada... and many others.
Single "Entropy" now released by Time2Trance, was composed by Francesco D'Este, Wim Broersma and Ilich Molin.



Falk Wussow (CAINAM) works as a digital media designer in Germany. Besides his work for advertising agencies, it's a life-task for him to produce trance music in all varieties. His career started in the age of 6 years: He attended a music school for playing violin, cello and piano. After nine years, he quit the music school in 1995. He wanted to use his time for the creation of own music. With an 8-channel tracker he developed sounds that others could not do with expensive studio equipment. Since August 2000, he produces with Cubase and Reason in his software-only based studio: "I'd strangle myself while laying the cables for hardware in a studio. So I better use software and live a little longer" he explains and smiles. Over the years, he started projects like ANAMIC, DSSL, E-FACT or T-LICIOUS for becoming independent from one default style. His primary target is to create the perfect sound...


F R A N K L I N  V A N  U D E N

Franklin van Uden comes from The Netherlands. At the age of 6 he became interested in music, much influenced by his father and brother who were both taking music seriously he picked up the joy of creating music on a keyboard very soon. Throughout his teen years he discovered how to make simple beats and arrangements on a computer and started to make music in the "demo scene" for about 10 years. At the age of 25 he decided to stop making music because of some personal developments in his life. After 8 years of musical inactivity he picked up making music again since this day. The main focus of his music is in the trance and progressive trance genre inspirated by names like Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, Solarstone and big room trance.

Franklin Van Uden

A D R I A N  I V A N

Adrian Ivan, known as Mr. Pit aswell was born in 1977 with the love for music. He is one of the first and subtle trance and electro / house music producers coming from Romania. Back in 1996 he discovered electronica and the passion for music. As the years passed, Adrian's music style was changed and took differently shapes, each of his tracks having a unique feeling and multiple messages, as he is influenced by the many genres of music. The countless hours in the studio brought him much experience and creativity in playing with sounds or composing electronic music. This was materialised when many tracks where signed by different Trance labels such: Total Digital, Emotive Sounds, Moonrising Records, Time 2 Trance, Nulogic Records, Absent Records, Super 6 Rec, etc. In 2007, Adrian become the owner of Well Mixed Records, a "pure Trance" label as he wants to be.

Adrian Ivan

A N D R E W  K A Y

Andrew Kay is a producer and arranger from Estonia, Tallinn. He started producing music about 6 years ago, he started from small childish programs. That wasn't a real production, but that was beginning of all. Now he's got his own home studio where he produces all music... From year 2004 he made a tandem called LaRousse (Andrew Kay and Dj FlowD), started produce tracks after this alias, and after making a lot of tracks, found their own sound. They got support from a lot of local dj's, and artist with names like Airbase, Virga, Suzy Solar and so on. In year 2005 they have signed their first track "Preface" on Deeselecta lable. Also in year 2005 they have made their first live performance, after that they played at many parties including Sun Dance Music Festival 2005. Played one stage with artists like: Airbase and Foreign Force. Also at the end of 2005 they produced track "Properous" which will be released this summer on moonrising records... Now Andrew Kay produces under 2 aliases: Andrew Kay and LaRousse (together with dj FlowD) ...

Andrew Kay

T R A N S P A R E N T  V I S I O N

Dmitry Ryabukha (aka Transparent Vision) was born in 1983 in Ufa, Russia. He began to interesting electronic music when he was 14. At 16 years, began the first experiences of writing music. Soon he became interested on DJ-ing, first experiences and attempts of playing on turntables took place when he was 18 and were rather unsuccessful. 2 years later, he got his own turntables and started to reach qualitative play gradually. A preferable direction was house-music, since in his Country trance-music practically is not so demanded. But soon sincere impulses have won and he passed to write and play only trance-music, as a magnificent combination of uplifting beats, strong psychedelic bass lines and energy. Beautiful melodic sounds, cosmic atmosphere and impregnations of classical music represents for him, the perfect direction of electronic music. This music makes him happy every time and everywhere and it’s a main component of his life. His first release “Flying Dreams” was born during a romantic mood which visited him, together with an inspiration usually more close to midnight. And it is only the beginning, since that sea of energy and the Universe of positive emotions from trance-music, gives him a constant rise to something new in his head, that he will try to transfer the result to his computer, so that happiness can be shared with other people.

transparent vision

G I L B E R T O  G O M E S

Gilberto Gomes was born in Portugal and he started to listen electronic music in the beginnings of the 90s. Since 98 that his major electronic influences are progressive house, trance, uplifting trance ... In 2002 he started to work with audio software, experimenting and producing his first sounds. Today he is mainly producing more trance and progressive, with dream melodies and cosmic atmosphere's.

Gilberto Gomes


Born in 1977, Pierre Silviet-Carricart a.k.a. OpKrA started to produce tracks as "Lonely Ape" from the end of the 90’s trying to pass on emotions the electronic music make him felt during his boyhood. Fed with many various electro influences such as new wave, eurodance and psychedelic trance, OpKrA provides a powerful and pumpy melodic sound, with some strong uplifting vibes. Mixing strong beats and sweat melodies, OpKrA creates some tracks that can make move your body and travel your mind at the same time. Let’s board !



ADS (Rui Silva) is an 18 years old producer, born in Germany and now living in Portugal since 2001. Since 2003 he's been making melodic trance music, with catching atmosphere's and dreamy melodies, combined with energetic basslines and now the fruits of his labours are starting to pay off with great tracks. This summer, the track 'Ads - Morning Haze' was signed to Time2Trance records, first melodic trance label in Portugal. His release "Ads - Summer" Reached nr 6 at juno.co.uk. "Music is everything everyone needs to live! I just need music to survive !"



Alan Delabie was born in 1974, in 1999 the music and trance changed his life when first exposed to artists such as rank1, fire&ice, armin, tiesto. He started playing keyboard and make music with a computer. The first DJ deraven release was “blue lagoon/source of gravity” at the end of 2002. DJ deraven has been featured on trancemaster 46 best german compilation, his music was also compiled on la bush (ten years of trance) best club compilation in belgium with the track “picture of my life” in 2005. The first album DJ deraven “land of illusion” is ready now, he is ready for a new trance adventure.

DJ Deraven

T H E  S E N T I N E L  P R O J E C T

It was the summer of 1998, during this time Alex (Alexander Yudenko) would embrace his musical passion. "A couple of my friends told me about a new nightclub in Philly, it was called Club SPACE. They said 'you should really check it out'." After one visit he was hooked. The music that he heard was incredible. Apparently this was the height of the Rave scene in Philadelphia, a totally new experience for many. Every weekend during the summer as well as the fall, he would go "Space" and indulge in the sonic bliss. During this time a new style of dance music began to forge, called Trance. Names such as Tilt, Lost Witness, Union Jack, ATB, Transa, and Oakenfold began to make a big impression on the scene as well as on Alex. Listening to music was one thing, but now it was time to take it to the next level. In 2000 Alex bought his first turntables. Advancements came with time. Being a technology savvy guy, he always upgraded his DJ equipment. But soon he began to wonder; how is it that these songs and sounds are really made. The journey into sound for Alex began with the purchase of his first synthesizer, the E-MU Xtream Lead. Although Alex had no idea about music theory, however he picked up a lot of know how from DJing. With absolutely no musical training it was a huge challenge for Alex, nevertheless he pursued his passion. "I'm very technical, I love to tweak and adjusting equipment this is why I bought a synthesizer in the first place." A couple of years of practice and ambition, the music speaks for itself!!!

The Sentinel Project


Rok Rebersek aka RawKee / Raw-K DJ was born in 1978 in Slovenia. As a kid, his biggest wish was to own a synthesizer. That wish came true after attending many piano lessons. He started producing music with a DOS program back in 1994. DJ-ing since 2000, he was influenced much by Italo-dance boom around the same year as well as the German and Dutch trance scene. He seriously started producing music after he discovered virtual analog synthesizers on PCs in 2003. Today he focuses his production on trance, as he is inspired by the ever-growing popularity and diversity of this type of music, with which he fell in love with.



Solarcity the band is manned by one guy, Allan Dean. Located in Scotland in the UK, he has a small studio, mainly software based and uses Fruity Loops / sequencer packs and a large selection of VST plug-ins to achieve his trademark sounds and style. His musical past is now very varied and over the last 7 - 8 years has had a lot of good exposure and feedback, the highlights of which are recent signings from 2 labels. Influences for his music vary from the early 80's bands such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream etc right up to modern bands such as Rank 1, Darude, Above and Beyond etc... Solarcity takes these genres and shakes them into the ultimate dance cocktail!!!



Although all of his beginning steps were connected to the town of Herceg Novi-Serbia and Montenegro, this young producer called Nikola Krivokapic proves, with his talent, charisma and great desire to succeed in what he truly loves, and in spite of the bad conditions and almost no perspective in his home country, that success is possible. The roots of his great passion for electronic music go deep into the childhood. The music he had heard on the local radio stations attracted him and soon he began exploring electronic music. The first musical influence on him has been made by the legends of electronic music, such as Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. By the end of 90's he was obsessed with dance music and global rave movement. He's been producing actively since 2003, specialy orienting himself on hard energetic and emotive trance music. His track "Dreams" is the first release of the new label Total Digital and it has already gained a huge support by B.E.N. as a DJ and as the head of A&R for this label. Krivi is an artist that you can expect a bright future from in the next few years of his electronic music production.



Parallel to his study of Baroque and Classical music (including composition and orchestration), Stephane Marty (a.k.a. DarkAlbedo & Mimozart) started to produce electronic music from 1987 (at the age of 18). His strong technical and artistic background in composition and keyboard practice and his passion for synthesizer programming allowed him to write quite sophisticated and stylized electronically produced tunes. Until now, his work always was voluntarily distributed as limited edition... until the DarkAlbedo project is born back in 2005... Stephane Marty chose to produce Melodic Trance music because this style of music is the only one that allows combining his various classical and 70's/80's electro pop bands influences and shakes them into the ultimate dance cocktail... Things to expect from a typical DarkAlbedo track are: deep melodies, massive use of arpeggiators and trance gates, pumping beats, soaring leads, big moving/flying pads and multiple strong basslines.