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To the website of Time 2 Trance records Portugal. The first and only Portuguese label for 100% uplifting trance from all over the world. Important note for newcomers: Time2Trance is a truly NON psytrance label !

As we say, it's always ... TIME 2 TRANCE !

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Last Update: 11-Jul-2012


XPRESSIVE BIG SUMMER PARTY 19/08/2012 (08-Jul-2012)

Xpressive presents DANCE CLUB Sessions @ Duna Beach LAGOS - Sunday 19 August 2012
A huge party in a fantastic beach club in Algarve (south of Portugal). Two areas with several DJs, having our dj friends: MAGIK (Belgium), GERI (Spain), DR YXAM (Portugal), ESTRELA (Netherlands) and others, combining forces with our T2T artist/dj D.PETER.J for a wonderful sunset to sunrise event. Everyone is invited.
See photos and details of party location: duna-beach.com
Video trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=hUWJ19NbFrI
Full information soon: xpressive.com.pt and on facebook page (click on images)
xpressive2012 xpressive2012

NEWS UPDATE (18-Jul-2010)

Another year has passed. The musical world has changed a lot in the two last years, now everyone can have his/her own label. From one side it is a good thing for the artists but without label advice many tracks are released without having the minimum requirements. So the initial and main purpose of Time2Trance, of releasing new artists, is now definitely outdated. Our idea from now on is to release and focus only on very specific artistical projects, if they show up. Good uplifting trance tracks is what everyone wants to listen and dance to. Big uplifting trance djs and events this Summer in Portugal, more details at jump4trance.com. You cannot miss them !!!


Three years have passed since the release of our CD Trance Explorer 2006, so we wish to celebrate this in the next J4T party at QUEENS (Lisboa) next Saturday 27 June. Another night with 100% vocal/uplifting trance and of course with our D.Peter.J. More details at j4tsessions.com. Please send us an email if you would like to be in the guest-list.

Três anos se passarem desde o lançamento do nosso CD Trance Explorer 2006 e desta forma vamos comemorar esta data na próxima festa J4T que será na discoteca QUEENS (Lisboa), no dia 27 de Junho sábado, com a presença e actuação do nosso D.Peter.J. Como é usual será mais uma noite 100% vocal e uplifting trance. A não perder, toda a informação no site j4tsessions.com. Interessados por favor enviem (por e-mail) o vosso 1º e último nome para fazerem parte da guest-list.


One week after our presence in the major and awesome trance event in the world "Trance Energy 2009" in Holland, it is time to keep up this energy and do join us in the next Jump4Trance party at Bar Miragem (Cascais). Another night with 100% vocal and uplifting trance. You are invited.

Uma semana depois da presença do nosso D.Peter.J no maior e mais espectacular evento de trance do mundo "Trance Energy 2009", é altura de ele continuar com toda essa energia na próxima festa Jump4Trance que será no Bar Miragem (Cascais), no dia 14 de Março. Como é usual será mais uma noite 100% vocal e uplifting trance. A não perder, toda a informação no site da Jump4Trance.


It is time for the next party of Jump4Trance, at OpArt (Lisbon) in 29 November, just a few meters from river Tagus. A great place will host another night with 100% vocal and uplifting trance. Everyone is invited.

A próxima festa Jump4Trance será no OpArt (Docas de Alcântara, Lisboa), no dia 29 de Novembro, num local fantástico a escassos metros do rio Tejo. Mais uma noite 100% vocal e uplifting trance. Considerem-se todos convidados. Para que não hajam dúvidas, todas as festas Jump4Trance nada têm a ver com psy-trance (trance psicadélico).


Hi to all. It passed a year since the start of the Jump4Trance club tour. People loved all the parties and started to learn about this "new" music played by D.Peter.J and other DJs!!! The recent 5 dj acts of Tiesto over here in the months of July and August, also gave us a big help in our common effort to spread uplifting trance in Portugal.
Now it is time for the big 1st anniversary party of Jump4Trance, at a beachclub in Costa da Caparica in 12 September. In one place, anyone can enjoy all: beach, dinner, bar, pub and 3 possible dancefloors (in the beach sand, in a open-air wind protected area or indoors) with 100% vocal and uplifting trance. Everyone is invited.

Olá a todos. Passou um ano desde o início do tour de festas da Jump4Trance. O público gostou bastante de todas as anteriores festas e finalmente já muita gente conhece este "novo" estilo de música, que foi tocada por D.Peter.J e outros Djs. As mais recentes actuações (5) de DJ Tiesto em Portugal, durante os meses passados de Julho e Agosto, também vieram ajudar este nosso esforço colectivo.
Agora é o momento de celebrarmos o 1º aniversário da Jump4Trance com uma grande festa no Hula-Hula Beachclub na Praia do Rei-Costa da Caparica, dia 12 de Setembro. Neste dia, vai ser possível desde passar um dia na praia, jantar, apreciar o snack-bar/pub do local e ter ainda 3 possíveis pistas de dança (no areal, numa esplanada protegida do vento e dentro de casa), ouvindo-se apenas 100% vocal e uplifting trance. Considerem-se todos convidados. Para que não fiquem quaisquer dúvidas, todas as festas Jump4Trance não têm nada a ver com psy-trance (trance psicadélico).

J4T-hulahula J4T-hulahula


Hi to all. It passed a while since our last update, but we had to work very hard in the last months to continue supporting the Jump4Trance club tour. People loved the 3 parties and especially the "new" music for their ears played by D.Peter.J and the other DJs!!!
Several parties are already booked (next is on 1st March in Lisbon) and more will follow for sure. About new releases from T2T, we have just received new great demos, so watch for our next releases soon. Have a great year of 2008!

Olá a todos. Temos trabalhado muito nos últimos meses para continuar a apoiar o tour de festas da Jump4Trance. O público gostou bastante das 3 festas que já se realizaram e em especial do "novo" estilo de música que passou D.Peter.J e os outros Djs. Várias festas já estão marcadas (a próxima é no dia 1 de Março em Lisboa) e mais outras se seguirão de certeza. Quanto aos novos lançamentos da T2T, acabámos de receber novas excelentes demos, fiquem atentos ao nosso site. Tenham um excelente ano de 2008 !

MYSPACEs T2T & JUMP4TRANCE (10-Sep-2007)

We recently created myspace.com/time2trance, so feel free to add Time2Trance to your own myspace.
Together with some friends and portuguese trance DJs, a club tour will be launched for the creation of a vocal / uplifting trance movement here in Portugal called Jump4Trance. All the info, photos, videos, music, etc will be available at myspace.com/jump4trance.
The first party is on 29/9/2007, in Aureus Lounge Club situated about 40 km from Lisbon. Everyone is invited ! In future parties, there is the intention of having also international artists and DJs.

Acabámos de criar o nosso myspace.com/time2trance e estás à vontade para nos adicionar ao teu myspace. Foi também criado myspace.com/jump4trance, para dar toda a informação sobre as primeiras festas 100% vocal / uplifting trance que vão ocorrer em Portugal, com o apoio da Time2Trance. A primeira festa é no Aureus Lounge Club (Benavente) dia 29/9/2007. Não faltes !


The remixes EP of "Flying together" from Andrew Kay feat. April Frost is finally out. It includes 5 great trance remixes ranging from progressive to groovy, euphoric to atmospheric with dreamy melodic textures. Of course the original vocal mix had to be included no doubt. One track for each mood or night. We must thank all the remixers (Andy Tau, Artimixx, Dev Tears, Rawkee and Tim Besamusca) for the great remixes.

A new great vocal track named "Hurt" will be released on August 8th. It's the new single from Transparent Vision, this time featuring Darya. Remixers will be welcome once again, for a future remixes EP of "Hurt".

andrew kay  transparent vision


Dancefuel Records is the first truly dedicated Portuguese web based digital download music store designed to service the dance music culture, in particular for DJ's, producers, clubbers and enthusiasts. We T2T are very proud to have our full catalogue on sale at Dancefuel Records. We wish Dancefuel all the success in the world, of course with the help of our artists too.
By the way, new great releases are coming up soon, including the promised Andrew Kay - "flying together" remixes EP !!!


We are very pleased to announce that Time2Trance has now contracts with another two dance music download sites - Groovegate.com and DJTunes.com - to sell online our catalogue as digital downloads.

Check out time2trance.com/e-releases.htm regularly for more news about our present and next digital releases. Please note that all tracks have their respective direct links to all download sites, so when buying our track(s), you should select the download site you consider most suitable for you.


Following the release of Andrew Kay feat. April Frost - "Flying together" (original vocal mix), we are now offering the possibility of remixes of this track. The best remixes will be included, at least, in a digital EP. Anyone interested in remixing it, please contact us thru email (see left) for further information and instructions.

Our next digital compilation called "Trance voyager vol.2" will be out SOON and "Flying together" is just one of the many great tracks included. Stay alerted !

andrew kay  trance voyager vol.2

NEW YEAR '07 WITH A No.1 HIT FOR T2T! (01-Jan-2007)

It passed 7 months since the official release date of our CD compilation "Trance Explorer 2006". What a rush, headaches & stress needed to start this label and the release of the CD compilation. But ... the end of 2006 presented us with a greatest and (unexpected) reward - the no. 1 position in trance sales chart at Junodownload.com, ahead of big names such as DJ's Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. For the second straight week, our featured artists and we are feeling very happy and proud of all the work done on "Trance explorer 2006". Some of our artists had also top-10 single hits, such as Krivi, DarkAlbedo and ADS, in the sales from digital download sites in the last 3 months and new more hits surely will follow soon. For 2007, we have to work hard and we need to improve some points, especially to increase the label promotion and to find an international distributor for our future CD compilations. We wish you all an excellent year of 2007. Thank you for supporting Time2Trance.


"Trance Explorer 2006" compilation is now available as a digital download, following the previous successful e-releases: T2T singles and the first digital compilation - "Trance Voyager volume 1". Enjoy and stay tuned, as "Trance Voyager volume 2" is on it's way with brand new artists...

trance explorer 2006


Over a month ago, we started our digital catalog. What a great moment it was. "Trance Voyager Vol. 1" is Time2Trance label's first digital compilation. It includes all previous 10 maxi-singles released. An assorted selection of fine melodic trance tracks from a new breed of artists. Enjoy !!!

Trance Voyager Vol.1


A new chapter is open for Time2Trance: we are now a digital label too. Six (6) new great melodic trance tracks, all exclusive of Time 2 Trance, are on sale on dance music download sites Audiojelly and Junodownload. Check out these releases and sound samples at our new MP3 releases menu. Photos and biographies of our new artists will be added shortly to the Artists menu.


Time 2 Trance has now contracts with dance music download sites Audiojelly and Junodownload to sell online our catalogue of trance tracks, as digital downloads. However, it's our intention to continue releasing CD compilations. As we want to release tracks on a regular basis, we are now looking for new demo tracks everyday. Please send us demo mp3 file(s) to info @ time2trance.com or give us the link to download the file(s). We will offer great conditions to our signed artists !!! Check out this site regularly for more news about our digital releases.

U P D A T E  (20-Aug-2006)

More sites and stores are available now for buying our CD "Trance Explorer 2006". Check out at the 'store|loja' menu.

Já estão disponíveis mais sites e lojas para a compra do nosso CD "Trance Explorer 2006". Ver no menu 'store|loja'.

T R A N C E  E X P L O R E R  2006  (released 6th JUNE 2006)

Hi everybody. After a year of searching for tracks, we are very proud to announce the release of our first CD compilation called "Trance Explorer 2006". This compilation contains 14 original tracks from artists of different countries and continents. This CD is now available in selected stores and sites (for distribution or purchase of multiple CDs at once, you can order directly from us). Further information about the CD is available at the releases section. Sound samples are available to enjoy.

  Now we can definitely say, it's time 2 trance !!!


Ao novo website da Time 2 Trance records Portugal. Uma nova editora discográfica especializada em trance eufórico, melódico e uplifting de todo o mundo. Como nós dizemos, é sempre ... TIME 2 TRANCE ! Por questões de comunicação e marketing, o site está praticamente todo em inglês !

A nossa primeira compilação em CD "Trance Explorer 2006" já se encontra à venda em algumas lojas e sites. Excertos de todas as faixas estão disponíveis para audição em: http://www.time2trance.com/releases.htm

i n f o @ t i m e 2 t r a n c e . c o m